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Publications Featuring XFNANO has been updated in 2015
2015/12/18 14:03:34

Over 2500 papers reference to "Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co., Ltd" were published as of November 2015, it has been updated to 1005 and continue updating ......

Publications Featuring XFNANO 2015.11.15

Because there are so many pepers, only English papers and direct reference English name "Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co., Ltd" were analysed , as of November 2015 there has more than 2500 papers (including English / Chinese / patent) signature XFNANO, including two Nature sister journal, 4 AM, 1 JACS. Recently Wang Zhonglin community group used our graphene oxide product and published a high quality paper (Pu X, Li L, Liu M, et al. Wearable Self-Charging Power Textile Based on Flexible Yarn Supercapacitors and Fabric Nanogenerators on the AM [J]. Advanced Materials, 2015).


In order to serve our customers effectively and provide customers with research ideas, we sorted out the 1005 high-quality english papers , including Nature Communations, JACS, Advanced Materails, Nano letters, Advanced Energy Materials, ACS nano, Biomaterials, etc., the total impact factor is over 4000 and average impact factor is about 4. we are very proud that these materials are host material in the experiments and brings XFNANO a lot of prestige and international clients. Besides it also shows the journals for our recognition.


Welcome customers feedback papers published information. If your papers (include the conference papers) are no included in this list ,we will awarded you one hundred yuan bonus and the purchase of our products will enjoy VIP treatment.

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