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Graphene with high quality
Graphene powder Graphene oxide powder Graphene Oxide dispersion N-doped Grpahene Carboxyl Graphene Aminated Graphene Metal loaded Graphene Graphite oxide Reduced Graphene Oxide Graphene Oxide Carboxyl Graphene Thiol Graphene Graphene Film Graphene Oxide Film Pyrolytic Graphite Powder Nano Graphite Powder Graphene dispersion Flake graphite with high purity GrapheneTM film deposited on TEM grids Graphene Kit Expandable Graphite Graphene slurry Magnetic Graphene Graphene Nanoplates rGO-NH-Carboimidazole Graphene Powder with small diameter Single Wall Carbon Nanohorns Granulated Graphene Nanoplate Graphite Fluoride Graphene Sponges (foams) Fluorinated Graphene Functionalized Graphene Nanoplatelet Thin Graphene GCB graphitized carbon black customized service Conductive Graphene Filament,3D Printing Materials Graphene oxide TM film deposited on TEM grids Industrial Graphene Customized Graphene Laser Scribed Graphene Graphene hydrogel
CVD Graphene
Graphene film on Copper Foil Graphene film on Nickel Foil Graphene film on SiO2 Graphene film on Quartz Graphene film on Glass Graphene film on Plastic Graphene film on Si 3D Freestanding Graphene Foam Graphene film on PET Trivial Transfer Graphene Trivial Transfer Hexagonal Boron Nitr Single Layer MoS2 Single Layer WS2 Single Layer MoSe2 Single Layer WSe2 monolayer continuous film of MoS2 on SiO2 Single Layer ReS2 Single Layer SnS2 CVD PtSe2 Single Layer ReSe2 Single Layer SnSe2 PMMA Thermal release tape PET Copper foil Isotopic 13C Graphene on Cu Foil Graphene-like materials transfer service Monolayer Graphene on SiC substrate Field-Effect Transistor Customized Graphene Film Graphene film on on sapphire substrate
Defect-free single crystals of Graphene
Single Crystal monolayer Graphene Single Crystal Bilayer Graphene Tape for Single Crystal Mechanical exfoliation MoS2 Mechanical exfoliation WS2 Mechanical exfoliation MoSe2 Mechanical exfoliation WSe2 Dissociation of large area two-dimensional materia Heterojunction Suspended two-dimensional Materials
Graphene-like Materials series
Black Phosphorus Black phosphorus nanoplates dispersion Black phosphorus quantum dots dispersion Black Phosphorus powder Monolayer molybdenum disulfide Monolayer Nano Molybdenum Disulfide Few Layers Molybdenum Disulfide Single Layer Molybdenum Disulfide quantum dots Few Layers Nano Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2 powder Monolayer WS2 Monolayer Nano WS2 Few Layers WS2 Few Layers Nano WS2 WS2 powder Single Layer WS2quantum dots Single Layer WSe2 quantum dots Single Layer MoSe2 quantum dots Boron Nitride film Boron Nitride dispersion Large crystals of Molybdenum Disulfide Molybdenum Disulfide Tungsten DIsulfide Black Phosphorus Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nature Graphite Crystal Multilayer h-BN film grown in copper foil WSe2 Crystal WTe2 Crystal Coronene Crystal GaSe Crystal HfS2 Crystal HfSe2 Crystal In2Se3 Crystal MICA Crystal Bi2Se3 Crystal MICA Crystal MoS2(with doping Niobium) P-doped CaSO4-2H2O Crystal MoSe2 Crystal MoTe2 Crystal NbS2 Crystal 2H-NbSe2 Crystal Bi2Te3 Crystal PbSnS2 Crystal GaS Crystal Pb3Sn4FeSb2S14 PtSe2 Crystal ReS2 Crystal ReSe2 Crystal SnS2 Crystal SnSe2 Crystal TaS2 Crystal TaSe2 Crystal TiS2 Crystal 1T-TiSe2 Crystal VSe2 Crystal MoS2 nanosheets dispersion WS2 nanosheets dispersion AuSe Crystal CrBr3 Crystal Customized 2D crystal Customized Graphene-like Materials dispersion Single Layer MoSe2 Single Layer WSe2 CrI3 Single crystal MnPS3 single crystal MnPSe3 single crystal CoPS3 single crystal NiPS3 single crystal FePS3 single crystal CrPS4 single crystal Customized Graphene-like thick film PtSe2 Crystal PdSe2 Crystal MoWS2 Black phosphorus - As crystals
Series of Graphene Quantum Dots
GO quantum dots Graphene quantum dots Carboxyl Graphene quantum dots Hydroxy Graphene quantum dots Aminated Graphene quantum dots Chlorine-based Graphene quantum dots customized service Imidazole-modified Graphene quantum dots Oil dispersible upconverting nanoparticles Oil dispersible core-shell upconverting nanopartic upconverting nanoparticles PEG modified upconverting nanoparticles SiO2 coated upconverting nanoparticles Mesoporous SiO2 coated upconverting nanoparticles TiO2 coated upconverting nanoparticles Antibody modified upconverting nanoparticles SiO2-NH2 modified upconverting nanoparticles SiO2-COOH modified upconverting nanoparticles PEG-NH2 modified upconverting nanoparticles PEG-COOH modified upconverting nanoparticles Sulfur quantum dots Amino Graphene quantum dot Carbon quantum dot
Carbon nanotubes
Single-walled Carbon nanotubes Double-walled Carbon nanotubes Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes5-15nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 8-15nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 10-20nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 20-30nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 30-50nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes4-6nm Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes>50nm MWCNTs Industrial Grade Carbon nanotube dispersion Nickel-coated MWCNTs Flash-ignited MWCNTs Carbon nanotubes with Large inner diameter Helical Carbon Nanotubes Carbon fiber Aligned Multi-walled carbon nanotubes Amino modified MWCNTs N-doped MWCNTs Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes Transparent conducting electrostatic carbon nanotu Carbon nanotubes slurry Carbon nanotubes epoxy compound Carbon nanotubes conductive water-based coatings
purified single-wall Carbon nanotubes
High Purity Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Ultrapure Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Metallic Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Semiconducting Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Minor diameter Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Plsama Nanotubes Transparent Conductive Film Semiconducting Hipco SWNTs Pure Metallic Hipco SWNTs Dielectric ink
Carbon Nanotube Sponges
Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN01 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN02 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN03 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN04 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN05 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN06 Carbon Nanotube Sponges XFCN07
Oriented Carbon nanotube array
Aligned arrays of SWCNTs or DWNTs Aligned arrays of MWCNTs Tansfer Aligned arrays of carbon nanotube Carbon nanotube fibers carbon nanotube film carbon nanotube tape Dispersant for Carbon nanotubes aqueous solutions Dispersant for Carbon nanotubes alcohol solutions Dispersant for Carbon nanotubes DMF solutions Dispersant for Carbon nanotubes Ester solutions Carbon nanotubes isopropanol slurry Carbon nanotubes butyl butyrate slurry Carbon nanotubes composite electrode material TiO2 nanotube arrary thin film Carbon nanotubes aqueous slurry Carbon nanotubes DMF slurry Carbon nanotubes NMP slurry Carbon nanotube paper Customized MWNTs Carbon nanotube aqueous dispersion
Fullerene with high quality
Fullerene soot C60 C70 Fullerene mixture High quality Fullerene Polyhydroxy-C60 Fullerene series
One-Dimensional nanomaterials
Silver nanowires Copper nanowires Gold nanowires Tellurium nanowires Titanium oxide nanowires type A Titanium oxide nanowires type B Titanium dioxide nanotubes High Surface Area Titanium dioxide Manganese oxide nanowires Molybdenum oxide nanowires Vanadium oxide nanowires Tungsten oxide nanowires Aluminum oxide nanowires Nickel oxide nanowires Nickel hydroxide nanowires Nickel nanowires Inorganic nano materials Titanate nanotubes Titanium dioxide nanotubes Titanium dioxide nanofibers Iron nanowires Aluminum oxide nanofibers SiC Nanowires for Industry SiC Nanowires SiC Nanowires CVD Method Zinc oxide nanowires Cellulose Nanofiber SiO2 Nanowires Copper-nickel alloy nanowires Polyaniline rod
Metal nanomaterials
Copper Nanopowder Nano-copper Colloid Nano-silver Colloid Silver Nanopowder Silver Nanoplatelets Conductive Silver Slurry Nano-gold Colloid PEG modified Au Nanoparticles Oily gold nanoparticles customized service Au Nanorods Oily Au nanorod PEG modified Au nanorods Au Nanocage Oily Au nanocage Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Mn-Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles customized service Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Cell magnetic scalar board gold shell Gold triangle nanoplates Gold nanostar Conductive nanosilver ink Au nanoparticle chain Monodisperse polystyrene microspheres Prussian blue nanoparticles Streptavidin magnetic beads Monodisperse polystyrene microspheres Carboxylated magnetic microspheres Au-Ag nano shuttle Customized Metal nanomaterials Aminated magnetic microspheres Protein A magnetic microspheres Protein G magnetic microspheres Titanium oxide magnetic microspheres Platinum nanoparticle Core-Shell Structured Nanocomposite Materials, CSN Ag@C core-shell nanoparticles PEI modified gold nanomaterial customization Oily Ag nanoparticles Pd nanoparticles
Mesoporous carbon and Carbon nanomaterials
CMK-3 Nitrogen doped CMK-3 Cubic structure of Mesoporous Carbon Activated Carbon Disodered Mesoporous Carbon FDU-15 Electrode pole pieces Carbon spheres large specific surface area disordered porous carb ordered mesoporous carbon
Inorganic nanomaterials
Titanium dioxide nanopowder Silicon dioxide nanopowder Zinc oxide nanopowder Zirconia nanopowder High purity Alumina oxide Magnesium oxide nanopowder Dispersible Diamond Nanoparticles BN nanoplatelets Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanoplatelets Carbon Nitride Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) Conductive carbon black Calcium Carbonate Nanopowder Colloidal graphite powder Expanded graphite Single-pass AAO template Double pass AAO template AAO Template V type Graphite paper AAO filter membrane Transferable AAO ultrathin films Copper oxide nano-chains Customized AAO template Nano Barium Titanate Zinc oxide nanorods Tin dioxide nanoparticles Hydroxyapatite Nano zinc oxide rod-like sheet mixture Porous TiO2 Cerium Oxide NiOX CuO Bi2WO6 MnO2
Molecular sieve
KIT-6 MCM-41 SBA-15 MCM-22 TS-1 SiO2 nanospheres SAPO-34 SAPO-11 ZSM-5 Y- Zeolite Mesoporous silica ZSM-35 Beta Zeolite ZSM-23 3A Molecular Sieve 4A Molecular Sieve 5A Molecular Sieve 13X Molecular Sieve Multi-stage porous silica microspheres Solid silica
MOF Materials
ZIF-8 ZIF-67 CuBTC MOF-74 UIO-66 Covalent Organic Frameworks MOF Customization
Ti3C2 Ti2C Nb2C Ti3AlC2 Ti2AlC Nb2AlC
Graphdiyne HEB-TMS Graphdiyne nanowalls Graphdiyne film Graphdiyne?oxide
Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
HOPG Grade A HOPG Grade B HOPG Grade C HOPG Grade D Customized HOPG
Methylamine iodine perovskite spin coating solution
Two-dimensional Layered Bimetallic Hydroxides
Experiment Solution
Graphene Nano biological Publicaitions Featuring XFNANO Testing services
    Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co.,Ltd ( XFNANO) was the earliest nano enterprise which is registered in the “National University Science Park of Nanjing University ”, mainly focusing on the R & D of graphene, molecular sieves

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