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XFNANO,www.xfnano.com website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is created by Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co., Ltd. Anyone entering, reviewing and using this website should read the legal statement of this website at first. If you disagree the legal statement of this website, please do not continue to enter this website. If you continue to enter, review and use this website, it means that you read, understand and agree to accept the constraints of this statement and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

1.This website reserves the right to revise, update and update this statement at any time.

2.Any organization or individual shall not illegally copy or plagiarize .Any unauthorized commercial purpose of using resources and contents of this website is not allowed . If the owner of this website confirm that the user's behavior is illegal or detrimental to the interests of the website, he will retain the right to take relevant legal actions.

3.To better serve the customers, we make every effort to make the information accurate and timely updated in this website, but we can not ensure that the accuracy, timeliness and integrity of the information indicated on this site. The owners of this website will not bear any commercial and legal liability for whom use the information   of this website.

4.We collect some resources from the Internet,with the purpose of the reprint is for academic exchange and discussion. If you think our reprint has infringed your rights and interests, please contact us and we will delete the relevant contents within 3 working days.

5.This website may provide the contents and services from other websites through links to its users .This website does not limit these websites and its contents.Correspondingly, this website is not responsible for any  direct or indirect commercial or legal deed. All links from other websites are only available for users of this website. When using the services provided by other website, users should pay attention to the relevant regulations of these sites and determine the possible results and risks to decide whether to use the content or service provided by these sites.

6.Any personal identity information sent to this site in electronic form (if no special declaration may be authorized), the owner of this website may freely use or copy any other information in any other electronic communication for any purpose, including any ideas, inventions, concepts, and concepts disclosed in such electronic communications. The purpose of using or duplicating technology or know-how can include disclosing, developing, producing or marketing products to third parties, as well as providing product services.

7.Trademarks, service labels, trade names, product decorations and product names on this website are protected both at home or abroad. Anyone can not use trademark, service logo, business number, commodity decoration and product name on this website without prior written authorization .

8.The company respects all intellectual property and patent, has been developing more better intellectual property and patent.And choosing the domestic and foreign partners with intellectual property and patent as our priority partners. Welcoming the innovators to join our us. If you find that our products and information are possible to violate your intellectual property and patent, please feel free to contact us by phone or mail immediately, and we will take more attention to your feedback.

9.The interpretation of this statement is attributed to the Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co.,Ltd .  If any doubts , feel free to contact our legal adviser, Zhang Jiangjiang who comes from XinGao law firm .

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