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Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co.,Ltd ( XFNANO) was founded in 2009, which is the earliest graphene enterprise registered in the “National University Science Park of Nanjing University ”, mainly focusing on the R & D and manufacture of graphene, carbon nanotubes, molecular sieves, we dedicate to be one of the best graphene supplier in the nanometer material fields.  As an initiator of Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Graphene Industry in Jiangsu Province, XFNANO was elected as the first vice president of the Union unit, and our CEO John Xu was elected as a first president. XFNANO have an excellent technical team which formed by around 10 doctors and some masters, and we have a very close relationship with the national university laboratory in America, Singapore and some other famous lab in China. In 2016, XFNANO had invested 50 million yuan established the "Jiangsu XFNANO Materials Tech Co.,Ltd"  in the state-level Jiangbei New District, Nanjing Pukou Development Zone, construction area of nearly 4,000 square feet, formed the advanced manufacture and technical service center from the whole process of operation, research and development, pilot until production.We can supply 50 tons/year graphene powders and 1000 tons/year graphene dispersion in 2017.

XFNANO is always committed to be an advanced nano-materials manufacturers and technical service providers, offering comprehensive service from the scientific research and industrial two aspects since 2009, we have more than 65000 scientific research customers, more than 500 industrial customers, of which up to 10% customers are from world's top 500 company. Over 7000 SCI articles were released in the name of "XFNANO" and Chinese words "先丰" in the famous  international journals and domestic journals, including "Nature" magazine, JACS, AM and other international top journals, brings great reputation to XFNANO in the nano fields. XFNANO have a commanding lead and high market share in the graphene fields and the products have exported in America, British, Singapore, Sweden and some other countries (More than 60 countries). At the same time of increasing independent research and development, XFNANO has established a close working relationship with many international companies by using its great scientific research influence, to jointly promote the progress of nano-technology.


The main product of the company is graphene. More than 30 related IP are owned by the company. The manufacturing methods are varied, including both top-down and bottom up methods. The graphene products can be applied to flexible electrodes, composite materials, conductive coatings, etc. XFNANO can produce high-quality single layer graphene of 10 kg per day, Few layers graphene of 200 kg per day and Graphene dispersion of 3 tons per day.

Business Model & Market 

XFNANO develops, produces and sells graphene-related products. The company also sells other materials such as carbon nanotube, and molecular sieves. Besides materials, XFNANO sells graphene CVD equipment as well. 

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