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Our Culture: We believe we don't play for nano; We nano because we play.

XFNANO slogan(Mission):

XFNANO Nano Nano Pioneer

XFNANO Vision: 

Iinternational first-class

Domestic Ledaer manufacturers of nanomaterials and technical service provider

XFNANO Values(Three cores):

1. Staff development is the core of XFNANO;

2. Customer Requirement is our core;

3.Quality assuranceis the key of XFNANO core.


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“Research Makes Us Different!”, which has been refined since our inception in 2009, is both our action guide and the core of our corporate culture. It has always led XFNANO to grow up and deeped into our hearts. We hope all of our colleagues can uphold this philosophy to achieve "no confusions" and "no regrets", struggle for the cause we persist in, achieve ourselves,progress together, and grasp the future!

Five principles for implementing corporate culture:

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