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Welcome the Chongqing visiting delegation to XFNANO
2018/6/29 10:01:07

On the afternoon of June 27,the Chongqing visiting delegation led by Zhangchiming of the Pukou district party school came to visit our company,XFNANO.The visiting delegation was mainly the first phase national conditions training participants of Wanzhou district committee of Chongqing .XFNANO Ms.Tian ruixue and other staff warmly received them and led them to visit the company.

Ms.Tian and other comrades detailedly introduced the company's development history, current achievements and future development trend .The delegation has a strong interest in the graphene industry, and put forward many opinions on the application of graphene, consulted a lot of industry knowledge, the staff of XFNANO detailedly explained to them.

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