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Leaders of the Organization Department and Development Zone of Pukou District visited XFNANO
2018/8/3 9:57:54

On the morning of August 2,The delegation,that Deputy Director of Organization Department of Nanjing Pukou District Committee, Xu Daojun, Director of Talent Office, Zhang Mei, Deputy Director of District Talent Office, Guo Jianwei, Deputy Director of Pukou District Development Zone Management Committee, and Lu Tingting, Director of Economic Development Bureau of Pukou District Development Zone Management Committee visited XFNANO.

Jiang Xu, Chairman of XFNANO, warmly welcomed the delegation and led them to visit the company and the factory.During the visit, Jiang Xu, Chairman of XFNANO, introduced in detail the development history of the company, the achievements made at this stage and the future development trend. Director Xu expressed his appreciation for emphasizing technology investment and enhancing core competitiveness through technological progress.He hope that our company will strengthen cooperation with the industry.At the same time, they hope that our company can continue to innovate and strive for more space for enterprise development.

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