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Pukou Economic Development Zone Management Committee and a delegation of condolences to XFNANO
2018/8/23 9:32:30
On the afternoon of August 22, Xu Ye, Deputy director of the Management Committee of Pukou Economic Development Zone, led the chairman of the labor union of Pukou District Development Zone, Ge Lili, and the members of the logistics team of the development zone to express their condolences to all employees of XFNANO and delivered summer gifts.
The care and condolences of the development zone have made all members of XFNANO feel warm and inspiring. The high temperature will continue, but the employees have expressed that they have turned the concern of the development zone into a driving force and will continue to stick to their posts. XFNANO employees said that they will make their own contribution to the development of enterprises and development zones.

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