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Unique Supramolecular Liquid Crystal Phases with Different Two‐Dimensional Crystal Layers
2018/8/24 9:19:01

Dear XFNANO friends:

As is known to all,fullerene has been a key research object in the new material industry.

As a R&D company,it is a mission for us to share the latest fullerene news to you.Today,we would like to share a paper from Angewandte Chemie namedUnique Supramolecular Liquid Crystal Phases with Different Two‐Dimensional Crystal Layers.

In this paper,they report a series of tetrablock‐mimic azobenzene‐containing fullerene dyads that form phase segregated two‐dimensional (2D) crystal constructed supramolecular liquid crystals (LCs). The unique double‐, triple‐ and quadruple‐layer packing structure of fullerenes in 2D crystals leads to different smectic supramolecular LC phases, and novel LC phase transitions are observed due to the change of fullerene packing layer number in 2D crystals. 

Interestingly, by combining the LC properties with 2D crystals, these materials show excellent electron mobility in the order of 10^‐3 cm^2V^‐1s^‐1, despite their relatively low fullerene content. Their results provide a novel method to manipulate 2D crystal layer thickness, with promising applications in optoelectronic devices.

XFNANO also do the research on fullerene,especially fullerene c60.Any question you can discuss with us. 

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