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XFNANO Au nanoparticles (CDAuNs) was selected in the paper of the international journal AFM.
2017/1/19 15:32:59

The world famous international journal AFM (SCI 11.382) reported the latest research by Professor Li Yaping from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica titled“CancerCellMembrane-CoatedGoldNanocageswithHyperthermia-TriggeredDrugReleaseandHomotypicTargetInhibitGrowthandMetastasisofBreastCancer”on Nov.2016.

The team has created a biomimetic nano drug delivery system to inhibit breast cancer metastasis, they are the first one who use the AuNs loaded with doxorubicin (DOX) as the core, the 4T1 mouse breast cancer cell membrane(CMVs)as the layer, successfully made the 4T1 cell membrane encapsulated doxorubicin loaded gold nanoparticles (CDAuNs),the CDAuNs makes use of the high heat transfer ability of the gold cage, rapid release of doxorubicin in near infrared laser irradiation and superior targeting efficiency of 4T1 cells, fulfilled the combination of chemotherapy and photothermal therapy. In the 4T1 in situ breast tumor model, this excellent combination therapy resulted in an inhibition rate of 98.9%,the inhibitory rate of metastatic nodules was 98.5%. The nanoparticles (CDAuNs) is expected to be used as a potential nano drug delivery system for future breast cancer treatment.

The nanoparticles (CDAuNs)on this journal was from XFNANO, proved that the international top journals on the quality of XFNANO biological nano material products once again, meanwhile, it also provides a new method and idea for the application of gold cage.

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