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Hybrids of Fullerenes and 2D Nanomaterials
2018/9/18 10:24:18

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It's time to share the latest industry news with you again ! 

As usual, today we would like to introduce a paper published in Advanced Science called"Hybrids of Fullerenes and 2D Nanomaterials"to you.

In this paper,Prof Yang shangfeng's team from University of Science and Technology of China detailedly introduced all types of hybrids of fullerene and 2D Nanomaterials,such as graphene,g‐C3N4,TMDs,h‐BN and BP,including their preparations,structures,properties and applications.Finally,the prospects of fullerene‐2D nanomaterial hybrids,especially the opportunity of creating unknown functional materials by means of hybridization are envisioned.

Graphene,Black Phosphorus,Fullerene,XFNANO

You might as well click the full text link below to exhaustively know more.


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