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Self‐Adaptive Electrode with SWCNT Bundles as Elastic Substrate
2018/10/16 13:54:26

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Single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) is familiar to us as an essential material in nano-material fields. Its application is also very wide, today, i'd like to introduce another use from Mr. Xu Ming's research term to all of our researchers.

Mr. Xu Ming's research term from Huazhong University showed their report in Nano Small Micro with the tittle "Self‐Adaptive Electrode with SWCNT Bundles as Elastic Substrate for High‐Rate and Long‐Cycle‐Life Lithium/Sodium Ion Batteries". What their findings in the research are as below.

Massive volume change of active materials in lithium/sodium ion batteries (LIB/SIB) causes severe structural collapse of electrodes and fast capacity decay of batteries. Here, a coaxial composite of single‐wall carbon nanotube bundle (SWCNTB/SnO2) nanoparticles (NPs)/N‐doped carbon shell (SWCNTB@SnO2@C) is constructed, where SWCNTBs with exceptional elasticity are explored as a self‐adaptive substrate to supply a highly resilient conductive network. Within the confinement of hard carbon shells, SWCNTB can produce radially elastic deformation to accommodate the volume change of SnO2 during Li+/Na+ insertion/extraction. This overcomes the problem of strain fracturing of the outer carbon shell, as well as maintains close electrical contact between SnO2 and the conductive network. The LIB/SIB with the self‐adaptive SWCNTB@SnO2@C electrode presents a series of superior battery performances, for example, a high specific capacity of 608 mAh g?1 at 10 A g?1 and 600 cycles in LIB without capacity decay.


You might as well click the full text link below to exhaustivly know more.


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