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Enhanced Adsorptions to Polysulfides on Graphene-Supported BN Nanosheets in a Wide Temperature Rang
2018/10/31 14:38:59

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Maybe you are confused that what is the connection between Graphene and BN nanosheets. When they combine with each other, what application is going to happen. Let Mr. Quan Feng Dong from Xiamen University tell you .

Their research term published a paper on ACS NANO named "Enhanced Adsorptions to Polysulfides on Graphene-Supported BN Nanosheets with Excellent Li–S Battery Performance in a Wide Temperature Range" showed the application of Graphene-Supported BN Nanosheets.

For Li–S batteries, the catalysis for S redox reaction is indispensable. A lot of multifunctional sulfur electrode support materials with have been investigated widely. However, most of these studies were carried out at room temperature, and the interaction between different components in the matrix is not often paid enough attention. Here, we report a graphene supported BN nanosheet composite in which the synergistic effect between BN and graphene greatly enhanced the adsorption for polysulfides, thus leading to excellent performance in a wide temperature range. When used as a host material of sulfur, it can make the Li–S battery apply to a wide range of temperatures, from -40 to 70 °C, delivering a high utilization of sulfur, an excellent rate capability, and outstanding cycling life. The capacity can stabilized at 888 mAh g–1 at 2 C after 300 cycles with a capacity attenuation of <0.04% per cycle at 70 °C, and the battery can deliver a capacity above 650 mAh g–1 at -40 °C.


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