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XFNANO Graphene | a key product for the promotion and application of emerging industries in Nanjing
2018/11/8 14:06:22

Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Commission of Economics and Informatization publicized the “Recommendation List for the Appraisal of New Products for the Promotion and Application of Emerging Industries in Nanjing in 2018”. A total of 189 new products have passed the review through various district (development zone) preliminary examinations and expert review procedures. The product “Quality Thin Layer Graphene” of Jiangsu XFNANO Material Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.



The new products should conform to the key areas and directions supported by the national, provincial and municipal strategic emerging industries. They should be global, forward-looking and driven. They are resource-saving, green, environmentally-friendly, replacement and advanced, and advanced manufacturing technology products.

The products that have passed the review will receive relevant support:

① listed in the “New Product Catalogue for the Promotion and Application of Emerging Industries in Nanjing”;

②“Certificate of New Products for Key Promotion and Application of New Emerging Industries in Nanjing”;

③ Establishment of Special Funds for Financial Support and Promotion Enterprises listed in the "Nanjing New Emerging Industry Key Promotion and Application New Product Catalogue" will be eligible to participate in the declaration of financial special support subsidy funds;

④ to promote the relevant network platforms and exhibitions, matchmaking meetings and government investment projects.

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