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Follow XFNANO into Nanjing Gaochun welfare house to spread warmth
2018/12/18 14:24:58

On December 14, 2018, XFNANO came to Nanjing Gaochun welfare house to start the donation activity with the theme ”Warm winter, Warm heart”.

XFNANO donated five heating pillows and five heating waist belts to the people who is disabled, especially the children and the total amount is worth nearly 3000RMB. Madam Cao, the dean of the welfare house deeply appreciated the donation and showed around the new living environment of the abandoned and disabled children .


These poor children sang to us to express their gratitude, we were moved.

The manual room we took of and we can see they are tough even though they suffer from the congenital diseases .


The new bedroom and bathroom, clean and bright.



As a conscientious enterprise, XFNANO will continue concerning the social public welfare and try the best to help people in need .

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