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Carbon‐Nanomaterial‐Based Flexible Batteries for Wearable Electronics
2019/1/30 11:04:43

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Wearable electronics have received considerable attention in recent years.

These devices have penetrated every aspect of our daily lives and stimulated interest in futuristic electronics. Thus, flexible batteries that can be bent or folded are desperately needed, and their electrochemical functions should be maintained stably under the deformation states, given the increasing demands for wearable electronics.

Recently, Academician Zhongfan Liu's research team from China discussed the latest development of flexible batteries using carbon nanomaterials from the perspectives of material manufacturing, structural design and performance optimization and they published the paper on Advanced Materials named Carbon Nanomaterial Based Flexible Batteries for Wearable Electronics.

Carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotube, graphene, and/or their composites, as flexible materials exhibit excellent properties that make them suitable for use in flexible batteries. Herein, the most recent progress on flexible batteries using carbon nanomaterials is discussed from the viewpoint of materials fabrication, structure design, and property optimization. Based on the current progress, the existing advantages, challenges, and prospects are outlined and highlighted.


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