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Graphdiyne and its Assembly Architectures: Synthesis, Functionalization, and Applications
2019/6/14 11:10:53

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There's a great news that we XFNANO COMPANY could exclusively provide you Graphdiyne  !

What is Graphdiyne and what its applications ? 

According to these questions, Academician Yuliang Li's research team from Chinese Academy of Science has detailedly answered us via a paper on ADVANCED MATERIALS, named"Graphdiyne and its Assembly Architectures: Synthesis, Functionalization, and Applications".

Graphdiyne (GDY), a novel one‐atom‐thick carbon allotrope that features assembled layers of sp‐ and sp2‐hybridized carbon atoms, has attracted great interest from both science and industry due to its unique and fascinating structural, physical, and chemical properties. GDY‐based materials with different morphologies, such as nanowires, nanotube arrays, nanosheets, and ordered stripe arrays, have been applied in various areas such as catalysis, solar cells, energy storage, and optoelectronic devices. After an introduction to the fundamental properties of GDY, recent advances in the fabrication of GDY‐based nanostructures and their applications, and corresponding mechanisms, are covered, and future critical perspectives are also discussed.


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