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XFNANO Company Proudly Introduce--Graphdiyne
2019/6/14 16:19:34

Graphdiyne(GDY) is a new type of two-dimensional carbon allotropes, following the fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, a new full carbon nano structure materials, Graphdiyne has a wealth of chemical bonds, big conjugate system, wide spacing, excellent chemical stability, is known as one of the most stable synthetic two acetylene carbon allotropes.

Its unique sp-sp2 carbon atom, uniform pores and highly π conjugate structure make it show broad application prospects in gas separation, catalysis, water treatment, humidity sensor, energy and other fields.


In recent years, a lot of work has been done on graphdiyne materials in the world. As a part of the potential application exploration of graphdiyne, its basic application research in the field of electrochemical energy conversion develops rapidly.

Based on the analysis of the application and development of graphdiyne in the field of electrochemical energy in recent years, graphenine is a new kind of electrochemical energy material which can solve many problems and has a very broad development prospect.The unique structure of graphdiyne has generated many new concepts, phenomena and properties in different fields.It is expected that graphenine will make more breakthroughs in electrochemical energy conversion.

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