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The tenth anniversary of XFNANO--Contributing agent conference and new products announcement
2019/9/24 14:29:43

On September 20, "Join hands and lead the future"---XFNANO 10th anniversary of the contributing agent conference was held in Nanjing.

Jiang xu, chairman of XFNANO, Professor liu of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang huilong, general manager of Beijing hanlonda technology development co., LTD., Xu liang, product manager of Shanghai Titan technology co., LTD., Zhang kailian, manager of guangzhou wenrui scientific instrument co., LTD., and representatives of many domestic agents attended the conference.


At the meeting, the delegates introduced themselves briefly and exchanged their business cards.

XFNANO chairman, Jiang xu warmly welcomed them and gave a speech, he pointed out that: XFNANO always attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation with agent partners, the achievements XFNANO have made in these ten years relied on their support.

XFNANO will continue the innovation and fully support the development of the agent partners as well. 


Next, professor Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a special report on the status and future of graphdiyne, introducing its preparation methods, research hotspots and potential applications. The guests had a basic understanding of graphdiyne and showed great interest and expectation.


Shi xiaomei, the technical engineer of XFNANO, introduced the new products and the hot products. Hot products mainly contains: graphene, black phosphorus, molybdenium disulfide, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes and other 7 types products. She indicated their applications and users to deepen the partners' understanding. Graphdiyne, MxenesBiological customization service are the new arrivals this year, showed a great success in the market. She promised that XFNANO will give more and better sevice to the agent partners.


XFNANO chairman, Jiang xu signed the ceremony of strategic cooperation with Beijing hanlonda technology development co., LTD., , Shanghai Titan technology co., LTD., Guangzhou wenrui scientific instrument co., LTD., Mr.Jiang xu also awarded medals of high-quality dealers and special dealers to the agent partners.


On the afternoon, Mr.Jiang xu and agent partners came to the headquarters of XFNANO, visited the research laboratory and production line. Lastly, agent partners were invited to visit Pearl spring scenic area.



Through this meeting, we created a chance to effectively communicate with our agent partners and we believe the trust between us will be established firmly. We will draw up a long-term project and make joint effort with our agent partners to achieve the great success!


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