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Synthesis, properties, and applications of graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide and nanocomposites
2019/9/27 14:09:17

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Recently, Professor Sun lu yi's team from Connecticut university published a paper on ScienceDirect named "Synthesis, properties, and applications of graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide and their nanocomposites".

In this paper, they systematically introduced graphene, graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide. This is a very comprehensive paper that is worth reading, especially for people who is doing research on it. Some excerpts are as follow: 

Graphene is an atomically-thin, 2-dimensional (2D) sheet of sp2 carbon atoms in a honeycomb structure. It has been shown to have many desirable properties such as high mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, molecular barrier abilities and other remarkable properties. For these reasons, it has been the goal of countless research efforts to incorporate graphene into polymers to design polymer-based nanocomposites. However, the use of pristine graphene has proved challenging due to difficult bottom-up synthesis, poor solubility, and agglomeration in solution due to van der Waals interactions. As an alternative, compounds similar in structure to graphene can be synthesized from graphite or other carbon sources by a top-down method in an effort to achieve many of the advantages of pristine graphene while also imbuing the surface with functionalized oxygen groups. The oxidation of graphite in protonated solvents leads to graphite oxide, which consists of multiple stacked layers of graphene oxide (GO).


You might as well click the full text link below to exhaustively know more.


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