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Work Resumption Notice of XFNANO
2020/2/17 14:49:21

Dear friends,

As the epidemic of coronavirous improves, XFNANO Company resume work on 17th of Feburary, 2020. 

During the difficult times, XFNANO Company donated 140 cases of medical gloves to the local government. We believe the coronavirus will be controlled soon under the leadership of the Chinese government and we thanks all the support from all over the world.


You should rest assured that all the parcels will be disinfected before the shipping, it's safe when you receive it. We welcome your consultation, our contact information is listed below.

Email: sales@xfnano.com

Tel & Whatsapp & Wechat: +86 152 6186 7755

Or you can leave words on our official website: https://en.xfnano.com

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