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Violet phosphorene(VP)Is Coming Out For The First Time
2021/11/23 13:39:59

It is an allotrope of layered phosphorus. Theoretical calculations in recent years have shown that violet phosphorous is the most stable allotrope of phosphorous and is easily stripped into a single layer. violet phosphorene has been proved to be a more stable two-dimensional semiconductor material than black phosphorene,(BP). It has great application prospects in the field of electronics and optoelectronic devices!

In 1865, German scientist Hitoff discovered violet phosphorus from molten lead. In 1969, German scientists Thorn and Krebs gave the crystal structure of violet phosphorus. For a long time after this, there was no reliable experimental data to determine the synthesis of violet phosphorus and its crystal structure. Most of the research on violet phosphorus was its theoretical calculations based on structure, and many researchers even believed that violet phosphorus may be just an intermediate structure, which cannot be synthesized at all. In 2019, Chinese researchers synthesized macro-size single crystal violet phosphorus for the first time,and obtain it by means of mechanical stripping and liquid stripping. Violet phosphorus and  its Phosphorene Exfoliation are both more stable than black phosphorus and its Phosphorene Exfoliation, further verifying that violet phosphorus is the most stable allotrope of phosphorus.


Studies have shown that the two-dimensional Young's modulus of single-layer violet phosphorene is 4.4 times that of graphene, which is also much higher than other currently known two-dimensional materials. In addition, according to calculations, single-layer violet phosphorene is also promising for gas sensing of NO2, O3, and SO2, and it also shows great potential as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries.

Violet phosphorus combines high carrier mobility and anisotropy, and has the characteristics of wide band gap, stability, and easy peeling. Will it become a new "dream material" like the "black phosphorus" that has become a research hotspot? let us wait and see!

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