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XFNANO Successfully Passed The Review Of National High-tech Enterprise!
2021/11/23 13:52:27

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 32) and the "Guidelines for the Management of High-tech Enterprise Recognition" (Guo Ke Fahuo [2016] No. 195).The list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises recognized and filed in Jiangsu Province in 2021 (see appendix for details) is now publicized.



In November 2018,XFNANO passed the high-tech assessment for the first time and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. During the period, the company adhered to the concept of R&D and innovation, and successively won the honorary titles of technology-based enterprise, specialization and special new enterprise, and top ten scientific and technological enterprises!


Recently, ,XFNANO successfully passed the review of National High-tech Enterprise after acceptance, review, and certification!


The passing of the review of National High-tech Enterprise is a test of XFNANO's technological research development and achievement transformation capabilities in the long-term,.Maintained XFNANO's long-term and stable development in terms of technology research, development capabilities, corporate innovation capabilities, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, and benign growth of the company.

In the future,XFNANO will take this opportunity to further accelerate the pace of increaseing investment in scientific research and cultivating a team of high-tech talents.Also,XFNANO will   build a technological innovation system to improve the technological level of the enterprise, and contribute XFNANO strength to the development of the nano-industry.

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