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Jiang Xu, Chairman of XFNANO, Was Hired as A Postgraduate Co-supervisor of Shandong University
2021/12/24 15:17:56

Recently, Mr. Jiang Xu, chairman of XFNANO, was hired as a Graduate Cooperative Tutor of Shandong University for a three-year term.

XFNANO always adheres to the mission of "Better Materials, Better Life"and is determined to be a manufacturer and technical service provider of advanced nano materials for a long time.XFNANO has maintained close interaction and cooperation with Shandong University. Jiang Xu, chairman of XFNANO, said that being hired as a graduate student cooperation mentor is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. Taking this as an opportunity, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages and focus on the cultivation of graduate students, technical cooperation, and achievement transformation.To achieve the goal of "nurture talent for the world and seek prosperity for the nation"established by Shandong University.


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