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XFNANO CNT debuts in Advanced Materials, used to synthesize ultra-tough, stretchable conductive fibe
2022/4/29 10:08:40

On March 20, 2022, Advanced Materials, a top international journal, reported a super-strong and tough stretchable conductive fiber with high mechanical strength (17.6 MPa) and high strain range (~700%) developed by the team of Academician Huang Wei. The ability to detect micro-strain and vibration can be used to track and evaluate weak physiological signals related to human health, thereby predicting and diagnosing diseases.

This ultra-strong and scalable conductive fiber consists of three layers of microfiber core, conductive layer and outer thin encapsulation layer. The microfiber core is composed of a new type of polyurethane polymer (ASC) and a carbon nanotube (CNT) layer. Conductive fiber mechanosensors developed using conductive fibers can withstand strains ranging from 0.0075% to over 700%, yet are so light that they can be lifted with just a single hair. It is worth noting that the sensor has a sensitivity range of 0-400% to external stimuli, high sensitivity and reproducibility, ultra-high detection limit and resolution (25 microstrain), which is the highest precision reported so far. Fiber-type flexible strain sensor.

In addition, the researchers used the conductive fiber mechanosensor to design a wearable health monitoring system that can be used to detect wrist pulse and respiration. Fiber mechanical sensors can be attached to different positions of the human body to collect physiological signals and characteristic signals, such as blinking, jumping, finger bending, throat vibration, etc., and can also monitor human posture, such as: running, walking, jumping, sitting, climbing stairs, falling Wait. In addition, it can also predict the accuracy and coordination of body posture, with a total accuracy rate of 92.7%, which has a certain application prospect in the tracking of body coordination in sports.

The main material used in this paper, carbon nanotubes, is from XFNANO.

Title: Ultra-Robust and Extensible Fibrous Mechanical Sensors for Wearable Smart Healthcare

Article link: https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.202107511

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