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Graphene powder Physical methods
SKU: 100001
CAS NO.: 7440-44-0
ID: XF001W
Packaging: 500 mg
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XF001W - 单层石墨烯粉末物理法-20181026第五版
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SKU CAS No. ID Packaging Parameters Stock Lead Time Price Purchase quantity
100001 7440-44-0 XF001W 500 mg Planar Size 0.5~5 μm 5 2workdays Logged in to view
100002 7440-44-0 XF001W 1 g Planar Size 0.5~5 μm 462 2workdays Logged in to view
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Product Details

NameSingle layer graphene powder



Synthesis MethodPhysical method

Diameter0.5-5 µm

Single layer ratio~80%

Thickness~0.8 nm



Application Fields

Electrochemical sensors, supercapacitors, battery, adsorption, composite, biology etc.


Related Information

Storage Conditions

Sealed, avoid light, and keep at normal temperature. Expiry date: Six months before unsealing.


Please e-mail for the detailed characterization data.


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