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Graphene oxide flake
SKU: 100003
CAS NO.: 7440-44-0
ID: XF002-1
Packaging: 1g
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XF002-1 XF002-2 XF020 氧化石墨烯片-粉-分散液 - 第五次修订20181026
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SKU CAS No. ID Packaging Parameters Stock Lead Time Price Purchase quantity
100003 7440-44-0 XF002-1 1g Planar size:0.5-5μm 5 2workdays Logged in to view
100004 7440-44-0 XF002-1 500 mg Planar size:0.5-5μm -3 2workdays Logged in to view
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Product Details

NameGraphene oxide flake



Diameter500 nm-5µm

Single layer ratio~99%

Thickness0.8-1.2 nm



Application Fields

Adsorption, Separation, Catalysis, Solid Phase Extraction, Detection and Sensors etc.


Related Information

Storage Conditions

Sealed, avoid light, and keep under 20, and the temperature should be controlled under 20 when dispersion sheet and powder. Expiry date: Six months before unsealing. The color of graphene oxide ethanol solution will gradually deepen with the extension of time. It is recommended to consume it as soon as possible and prepare it once needed.


Please e-mail for the detailed characterization data.


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