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Black Phosphorus powder
SKU: 101126
CAS NO.: 7723-14-0
ID: XF175
Packaging: 200 mg
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SKU CAS No. ID Packaging Parameters Stock Lead Time Price Purchase quantity
101126 7723-14-0 XF175 200 mg Purity:99.998% 9 7workdays Logged in to view
101127 7723-14-0 XF175 500 mg Purity:99.998% 3 7workdays Logged in to view
101128 7723-14-0 XF175 1 g Purity:99.998% 0 7workdays Logged in to view
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Product Details

Name: Black Phosphorus powder



Purity: 99.998%

Package: Argon gas and other inert atmosphere protection glass bottles


Application Fields

Black phosphorus is widely used, compared with the graphene material, by the same single atomic layer stacked graphene semiconductor, no gap, difficult to complete the conversion between conductor and insulator, not realizing digital logic circuit on and off, and the black phosphorus has a semiconductor band gap semiconductor material, it can be said to be natural. Allotrope with other phosphorus (white phosphorus, black phosphorus) compared to black phosphorus is a thermodynamically stable semiconductor material, with high carrier mobility, can be applied to the field effect transistor, anisotropic transport and photoelectric equipment etc.. In our company, we can make the crystal sheet into powder and make it convenient for customers to carry out chemical experiments and make further modification. In addition, it is also convenient for customers to make black phosphorus dispersions and obtain single layer, small layer and multilayer black phosphorus solution by centrifugation.


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