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PEG-NH2 modified upconverting (purple-blue light)
SKU: 101836
ID: XF199-2
Packaging: 10 mg
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101836 XF199-2 10 mg D:35nm wavelength:365/475nm 0 15-20workdays Logged in to view
101837 XF199-2 20 mg D:35nm wavelength:365/475nm 0 15-20workdays Logged in to view
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Product Details

Name: PEG-NH2 modified upconverting nanoparticles (purple-blue light)



Emission wavelength: 365/475 nm

Particle diameter: 35 nm

Main components: NaYREF4 (RE:Yb, Er, Tm, Gd, Mn, Lu) 


Application Fields

Up conversion nanoparticles have excellent optical stability. They have been widely applied in biomedicine, including in vivo bioimaging, in vivo bioimaging, biodetection, immunohistochemistry, microarray detection, photodynamic therapy, and photoactivated drug activation.


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